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12 Innovative WordPress Tech Support Themes 2015

Many people can remember a time when the only relevant electronics in their life were those that were found in the kitchen. Nowadays, we can hardly imagine daily life without being connected to the internet. We rely on computers for everything, from tracking our schedules to connecting us with our loved ones while we are not home. Indeed, there is beauty to be found in technology, but the fluidity of the medium can brings some issues. The word “recent” can only be used accurately for a few weeks, until the next item comes around. Thankfully, the transition has been streamlined by the uniformity of some operating system, but many people still have problems with adapting to their new devices.

In order to encourage further sales and increase the degree of user friendliness, many companies have resorted to founding, or contracting tech support companies. Just as their name suggests, these companies are there to guide a customer through the most challenging aspects of using a device, and helping them to understand the ever changing technological landscape. At first, this may seem like a waste of resources, but market forces dictate quite the opposite. The struggle for market share dominance is not restricted to quality. It is also a battle of convenience, as products that refuse to have mass appeal are quickly condemned to irrelevance. Be it gadgets or a WIFI setup process, newcomers will require guidance.

Being a tech support company can be quite a risk on multiple fronts, because many retailers have their own in-house representatives. Getting contracted by a major retailer can usually provide some laurels to rest upon, but the situation is quite different for freelancers. As a freelance company, a strong website must be set up in order to maximize the chances of success. Word of mouth can only get you so far on the internet; you will eventually need a reliable web page in order to promote your content. Setting up a website is only difficult and expensive if you let it. There are plenty of platforms such as WordPress that are capable of providing users with dirt-cheap hosting services. The process itself has been streamlined, and made as accessible as possible. Of course, that feature is not that important for a company that specializes in tech advice, but it is nice to know that it is there.

Accessibility aside, WordPress also hosts a wonderful community of theme developers. Here, you will find a theme for any occasion or business niche. Be it a personal blog or a massive conglomerate, clients can create impressive pages in a few minutes. So why are these themes so great? They are filled with innovative features, akin to virtual Swiss Army Knives. With a tool for any occasion, and cross platform compatibility, no one can doubt their efficacy. The only viable alternative is to contract a professional company, an equally effective solution.

However, the difference in costs is noticeable, as themes continue to provide a less costly solution.

In addition, the community is already there. With a vast international user base, WordPress present a great degree of exposure for ambitious companies. All of these advantages used to cost thousands of dollars, and now you can afford them on a child’s allowance. Your company deserves the best, so take your time and customize your website in order to draw in clients. Various plugins can be useful in certain situations, so choose a theme that is best suited for your needs. For examples, Translation Ready pages can have greater traffic to the increased international client base. At the end of the day, your firm is all about knowledge and sharing it with clients, and that is why you cannot afford for your page to look unprofessional. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best Tech Support WordPress themes.


InfoCenter is a tech problem and solution WordPress theme. It is a simple and intuitive theme made for people to find solutions on their own terms. It runs with a 24/7 self service format of work. InfoCenter is made to aid with information direct display and user interaction. You will find awesome features for FAQ pages and forums. It uses many incredible widgets for posts, authors and topic preferences among others. InfoCenter has a point based system for best answers and to participate in chats. It is made with a powerful admin panel, enhanced by SEO. Its built includes HTML5 and CSS3 files.

Get a tool ready for translation, fast and light weighted. InfoCenter is the geeks and software development starters’ paradise! It has a XML demo and a child theme included. It has been made with tons of its own documentation and even a support team of their own for building process. Create strong but flexible designs with this great invention. Make people sign up easy and smooth and get their own profile page. It will feel like a game they play and have friends to help them with problems! Have fun and get things solved right away! Use InfoCenter!


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flatbase simple knowledge base theme

Regardless of the subject matter, Flatbase is capable of adapting. Using this innovative WordPress theme, you will be able to create an amazing website with little effort or time commitment. It is ideal for establishing a worthwhile relationship with your customer base, as you have features that facilitate quality support. Speaking of support, the developers have set up their own line, and they are ready to answer any questions, and solve any issue regardless of its nature. The goal was to make Flatbase a versatile solution, a support platform for articles and various other forms of media.

The knowledge base is expansive and informative. Flatbase also includes a Forum and FAQ section, along with plenty other interesting features. From the moment of purchase to that of website completion, only a few minutes need to pass. This theme is astoundingly quick to load and install, and the customers and the reader should settle for no less in our high tech environment. As a tech support company, most of your revenue will be generated by compensation in exchange for customer interaction.

Thankfully, this product integrates bbPress, a feature that allows the creation of interesting forums. There, you will be able to host FAQ session or provide some pieces “sample advice”.

Ease of use and user friendliness will always be deciding factor for a site’s success. With an added live search function based on AJAX, every single visitor can gain access to the section or features that he wishes. By simply typing the desired result, a quick in-built search function will produce the adequate result. The developers have also added dedicated FAQ sections, which will admittedly save you a ton of time. A majority of questions and complaints can be resolved via pre-determined responses thanks to their mundane nature. Every change that you will make to the overall layout of your website can be viewed directly with no waiting required. This is due to the live customizer function, a nifty tool for those perfectionists that want everything to be perfect.

There are various types of fonts, and the theme itself is translation ready, with all of your posts opening up to a broader international audience. The theme is fully responsive, and your content can show up on any screen, regardless of device, browser or resolution.

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Support Desk

support desk user friendly wordpress theme

It would be a challenging task to think of a successful company that does not employ its own support center. People that purchase services or product sometimes need help in solving issues or simply navigating the setup process. Regardless of the cause, the need for a support system is a serious one, and it would be foolish not to accommodate it. If you choose WordPress as a platform for your site, there are some innovative themes that create the infrastructure for your own support system, eliminating the need to hire a third party.

Support Desk is such a theme, and with it, monthly fees will be a thing of the past. Of course, even if this feature is taken aside, Support Desk remains a functional website theme that is well worth the modest price. If you want to sample the content before you get a chance to buy it, be sure to check out some informative screenshots that are present on the site, in addition to a live preview. With zero financial risk, this will give you an impression of what to expect.

Extensive documentation should be provided or any worthwhile product. Thankfully, Support Desk is not exception to that rule as its developers have included a full-fledged options for documentation. Using this feature, users will easily navigate the installation process and solve their most common issues. These quality of life additions may not seem like Earth-shattering innovations, but in many ways they actually are.

As a customer, you will refuse to access a site, or purchase a product that constantly drains your time. For example, the live search function takes you directly where you need to go, so that you and your page visitors do not need to waste time browsing through sections and options that you are not interested in. There are also FAQ pages, featuring the most common questions that are asked, and answers that will likely resolve them. As a tech support company, you will generate revenue from your actual and perceived technical expertise.

You cannot afford to have slow loading posts, screen tearing or pixelated icons. With Support Desk, you can make sure that such issues will never happen, because this theme is fully responsive. It doesn’t matter on which device you are, it will work perfectly every time.

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Uncode is an amazingly sophisticated, boundlessly imaginative and technologically sharp, readily responsive WordPress creative multiuse website theme. Uncode is a fantastically flexible and versatile multipurpose WordPress website building platform equipped with a set of powerhouse premium plugins, such as the Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider and Isotope Grid, working in unison to provide you with pixel perfect websites, whether starting from scratch or from one of the dozens of templates and full-blown demo websites contained within Uncode.

Webmasters in the tech support website industry love Uncode because of the massive amount of sophisticated features, polished elements and intuitive interfaces it contains. Keeping tabs of your customers, subscription email newsletters, sending out information, or using diverse CMS and CRM solutions is faster than ever now with Uncode. Compatible with all the major plugins in the market, Uncode is a pliable platform so craft a pixel perfect website that can do everything you need it to do without requiring you to so much as glance at a single line of code. Uncode’s advanced theme option settings lets you thoroughly turn this versatile theme inside out at the flick of a couple of switches. Try Uncode today, and feel the difference!

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qaengine tech support wordpress theme

The best formula for generating any content or products, is to have a useful thing presented in a simple manner. However, no matter how simplified the design is, there are bound to be questions. An entire industry has sprung from the need for clarification, and WordPress is a good platform for tech support companies that are hoping to get noticed. QAEngine is part of the latest generation of answers and questions skin for WordPress, and features an UX focused on content. In addition, the layout is designed to run in full-width mode, a welcomed change from the narrow layout of its predecessors.

Although it is important in all industries, customer satisfaction is indispensable in the tech support field. The developers are proud of the beneficial relationships that they have established with their clients, and their page is littered with testimonials that praise the high standards of the theme. Aesthetic layouts, the flow of information, the distribution of space, and all of the other important elements have all received high marks. It used to be the case that the job of a page administrator would be a very difficult one. Extensive coding knowledge would have been required, and a massive time commitment was always implied. Thankfully, with this theme the process was shortened by a great deal, in terms of time and difficulty. You can now stop struggling, because only a few actions in the back-end interface are enough. Blending issues are also a thing of the past, as the modern full-screen design will be enough to impress even the most cynical of patrons.

The price of this theme is quite reasonable, given that it costs only $49. A free demo is available, so the customers have a chance to test out the content before deciding to purchase anything. You may not have the time to sit at a desktop computer all day long. In fact, the popularity of mobile platforms such as tablets and smart phones has created the need for each page to be fully responsive. People must be able to test out your site regardless of their location or the nature of their device.

It should be mentioned that your site will direct your reader’s gaze with subtlety, gently guiding you through an informative reading experience.

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Manual is a brilliantly well structured and dashingly modern, incredibly intuitively navigable and optimized for readability, resourceful and technologically seamless and cutting edge, thorough and thoughtful, polished and professional, versatile and reliable responsive WordPress multipurpose customer support website theme. Manual is a powerful and crafty theme that has been built with the needs of customer support websites, knowledge repository websites, documentation websites and all manners of customer help related websites in general. As such, Manual packs a host of demo websites, template pages, sophisticated layouts and layout options, header, footer and sidebar flexibility and modern features like Like and Dislike button interfaces with a social media integration system that will keep your tech support website relevant.

The Portfolio Pack included with Manual handles gorgeous FitRows and Masonry multi-column layouts ranging from 2 to 4 columns, while a fully functional out of the box Knowledge Base platform lets you jam your website full of important and useful information for your users to peruse through a powerful, AJAX-powered search and filtering system including categories, breadcrumbs and even a comments system. Powerful Documentation managing features are included as well, with advanced menu systems and more. Manual is a theme that lets you get your users where they need to go. Ready to go Manual?

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kBase is a premium quality WordPress theme focused on helpdesk and support. With a one-click install you get access to 7 unique demos and lots of documentation. It is a theme meant for greatness in the online customer services department. It can work for companies or other websites. kBase comes with a widget ready responsive layout, and an improved panel. It uses tons of pre-built shortcodes for most complex actions. kBase is built with the awesome Visual Composer and features AJAX search. It has customizable footers, headers, banners and article lists. It features plugins like bbPress and BuddyPress to make forums and discussion groups. WooCommerce and WPML are also compatible. kBase is all for the technologic, modern and reliable concept.

Check its beautifully designed FAQ page. Its layout comes with over 20 color skins and supports both full width and boxed mode. kBase is all browsers compatible and has many blog and portfolio layouts. You will get more than 4 columns for posting and many tags! JS, CSS and PHP files are also included. Enjoy the exquisite experience of its own custom support service, tutorials and videos. Start to use this all browsers compatible theme and go big…Use Knowledge Base!

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knowhow fresh knowledge base template

With claims that this is one of the best WordPress tech themes, users can rest assured that there is some truth behind those statements. If you wish to learn more about KnowHow, there is a live preview available on the theme site, coupled with some very informative screenshots. Regardless of what you think about the theme, it is undoubtedly popular, with the number of satisfied customers surpassing the 1000 mark. With so much smoke, there is bound to be some fire, so let’s see why KnowHow is so popular.

First, we have the accessibility factor. If a theme is great, and there is nobody there to see it, is it still a great theme? Restricting your content for desktop platforms is foolish, in a world that is leaning more towards mobile devices. Thankfully, KnowHow is entirely responsive, and it will not have any problem when re-sizing elements, or loading the layout. With this skin, you can say goodbye to any compatibility issue.

Although there is an established formula for how a website should be organized, users may still encounter issues while navigating a new web page. KnowHow tries to solve this grievance by adding a built-in live search function which can take you to the desired section with just a few keystrokes. Most issues that users experience can be easily solved via an FAQ section. If you choose to install this theme on your website, you will be able to link the FAQ page for those users that need assistance.

In terms of aesthetics, the customization process has been made easier and more user friendly. For example, with just a single click you can change the color palette of your page. The look is streamlined and simple, as is to be expected from an informational page. All of your content can be translated thanks to the WPML compatibility, and you customers will have access to an international base of knowledge. In order to make things more interesting and engaging, the owner of the site can integrate videos into the posts, offering great learning potential for those interested. There are 2 personalized widgets and a great variety of short codes.

In addition, the theme itself is optimized for search engines, targeting specific trending keywords and patterns, in order to reach high search engine rankings.

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KnowAll is a clean and concise, fast loading and incredibly well coded, efficiently designed and aesthetically modern and minimal, stylized and simple, intuitive and very easy to use for both end-users and developers, wholly cross-compatible and cleverly engineered, attractive and readily responsive WordPress knowledge base website theme. KnowAll has been equipped with a curated set of powerhouse, cutting edge tools and features meant specifically for aiding webmasters interested in the dissemination of knowledge to massive, diversified, heterogenous online based audiences on any scale.

With KnowAll, you will be ready to start receiving users and imparting the knowledge you need to spread. KnowAll includes a slew of convenient widgets and time-saving shortcodes perfect for putting together your knowledge base website in a matter of minutes, with an elegant, professional, finished feel. KnowAll will let you stay on top of your knowledge base’s performance with your users by tracking a wealth of information and displaying it in extremely useful, insightful presentations in one of the web’s most modern analytics toolkits as of 2017. KnowAll is sharp and resourceful, and includes features like Instant Answers, which replies to your users’ queries instantly from the searchbox. Try KnowAll today, and start dazzling and educating your audience now!

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helpguru accesible tech support wordpress theme

This is a theme that was developed by an elite author, and it shows. It lacks general purpose, as it specializes in providing quality content for self-service web pages. Be sure to check out the live preview and the screenshots that are available on the HelpGuru site. This theme definitely has an impressive pedigree, as it was created by one of the best developers of knowledge base and support theme in the world. In total, the combined sales numbers of all of their products surpasses the 10,000 mark. This is an impressive feat, especially for the WordPress theme market.

Helpguru is a high quality Knowledge base theme that integrates some of the best plugins in its package. Every single article that you will produce will be subject to review from your followers and this will give you an opportunity to receive constructive criticism directly from the horse’s mouth. It may seem trivial, but having one’s finger on the pulse of public preference is vital for running any business, regardless of its field of activity. Handling web content used to be a feat that could only be accomplished by those that possessed a programming or tech background.

Now, thanks to the drag and drop page builder, you will be able to move around content with ease, and style your page accordingly. This user friendliness has been extended to other features as the live search function. Your readers will be freed from the burden of having to browse through content until they can find adequate responses for their question. With the live search function, simply typing the terms and hitting “enter” will suffice.
The theme also included widgets, as they were added in a high organized manner. Using them, you will be able to display categories, knowledge based articles and authors.

In order to further streamline the process, the owner of the site can add multimedia attachments to his articles, or link to knowledge base sections. This theme is user friendly for both the site admin and the visitor. The admin panel has a very intuitive layout, and it can be navigated by basically anyone. It is so easy that even child can operate it with ease. Any option can be altered with a simple click. Your icons will be just as versatile, as the user will be able to add personalized category icons and upload custom content.

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guru knowledge base theme

For the creation of a knowledge base system using the WordPress platform, there is no better option than Helper. Customers will benefit from a large roster of features, each designed to enhance and complement your quality web page. Guru has incorporated some very interesting widgets such as: Warrior Tabs, Warrior Ad Home, Warrior Twitter, Warrior Video, Warrior Sticky Posts, Warrior Advanced Search, Warrior Author List, Warrior Latest Posts.

It seamlessly blends convenience with performance, offering a versatile and accessible experience. Regardless of what device is being used, its fully responsive interface has completely eliminated resizing issues. Given that brand awareness is so important in today’s hyper-competitive market, a custom favicon and logo uploader was incorporated. Using this simple yet vital tool, you will be able to proudly showcase your logo.

As you seek to expand your client base, the site must be able to reach different demographics. Thankfully, Helper can translate content into many languages, due to the inclusion of translation files in the theme package. The contact form can improve community relations, given that page visitors can easily send you messages that explain their problems. In order to facilitate the installation process, XML Demo Data was added to the theme package.

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The goal of DeskPress is to offer innovative helpdesk support solutions. It is versatile and streamlined, designed to help both customers and admins. It includes many useful features, aiding in the creation of an amazing site. There is a smart search function that can facilitate the navigation of bbPress forums, Frequently Asked Questions, and blogs. This will take you directly to the answer, eliminating the tedious process of sifting through countless pages. With DeskPress, customers are able to send private replies, and include attachments. You can improve the forums by designating a Best Answer, which will make it easier for users to find adequate solutions. The Knowledge base is expansive and informative. It incorporates a nifty rating system, and a feature for social sharing.

The owner of the site can designate moderators, and organize his content. All moderators can monitor their specific forums via email, as they will receive updates on all activities. As an exclusive feature, a private forum can be created for paying customers.  It is easy to create new topics, and the process can be finalized in under a minute. In addition, you can assign statuses for each topic. If you are open to new ideas, you can enable the Live Suggestion feature.

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If your goal is to create an amazing FAQ website, look no further than InstaAnswer. This WordPress theme is practical, streamlined, and extremely user-friendly. For you and your readers, it is an ideal choice. With InstaAnswer, finding the right answer is never difficult. Responding to the same questions over and over again can be a little tedious. Thankfully, this product spares you from having to do that. By providing excellent solutions to the most common questions, you will have more time to focus on running your company. Basically, it is a good idea to have self-reliant customers. InstaAnswer will drastically reduce user dropout rates, and you will notice a spike in the number of page views.

Without an FAQ section, a customer support team must be employed. In the end, you will save both money and time with this product. Site owners can also collect data on their articles, given that InstaAnswer allows readers to rate content. It is possible to appeal to an international audience, given that this theme is fully-translatable. Your foreign customers will certainly appreciate an FAQ page that is written in their native language. An informative demo was made available, for users who wish to sample InstaAnswer.

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sentric salient support forum theme

If you are looking for an impressive Knowledge Base and Support Forum WordPress theme, Sentric is definitely the right choice. It is made possible by the bbPress plugin, included with multiple functions. This will make any admin’s job a whole lot easier, as he will effortlessly manage support grievances from customers. As a customer, if you wish to preview the content and see what it is about, some screenshots were added, along with a live preview.

You are able to take full advantage of the Forum monitor function, which includes filterable status functions. The available statuses are: Resolved, No Status, Unresolved, Pending and Not a Support Topic. Several other filter criteria are available, such as the “Filter by assigned member”, and “Filter by Replies” categories. If you want a quick sample of the content, check out the section marked Lorem ipsum sample resolved topic. It should also be mentioned that specific forum searches were included. You may involve the community in your page’s growth process.

For example, an option to vote on knowledge base components has been added. Using it, customers that are seeking help can vote on specific post. The FAQ section adopts an accordion style, which is arguably the most intuitive and easy to navigate. If you browse the theme options area, you will find the option that lets change the icons for your different sections. In fact, almost every icon can be modified, altered or replaced. This adds a greater degree of customizability to a bland, sober environment such as customer support. Color palettes are virtually unlimited, and they can be altered at will.

For those seeking to construct useful theme blocks, Sentric integrates a visual short code generator. In terms of accessibility, most websites struggle again the apparent compatibility issues that appear when trying to access a site from a mobile device. Thankfully, this theme has fully responsive capabilities, and it will work on any screen. To further enhance the user friendliness factor, Sentric is translation ready and it can display your content in any language. This WPML readiness adds greatly to the overall value of the theme. The price is reasonable for such a feature-filled theme, and it has the potential of increasing your visitor base.

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Knowledge base wiki faq

knowledge base faq wordpress theme

This theme’s name is quite suggestive, as it is a great addition for any knowledge based, support site. The design is fully responsive, so it does not matter if your user and trying to access the site from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Sample content can be a very important marketing tool, as it allows user to form an impression regarding the content, without requiring any financial risk. Using this theme, the owner can set up a valuable self-service web support site. The process will only take a few moments, and it will reduce the number of direct customer tickets, and increase client satisfaction.

On a financial standpoint, this will ultimately save you money, as it costs significantly life than maintaining a direct support line. Most clients have high standards regarding customer support, as they want their issues to be resolved as quickly as possible. Statistics show that an average wait time of about 6 hours is considered reasonable. The innovation of Knowledge base wiki faq, is that it lets clients help themselves, by giving them an expansive data base which contains all relevant information. It is a “do it yourself” kit for customer support. In the case that a ticket is sent, you can be sure that the issue is serious, given that all of the mundane issues are already covered on your site. This theme has plenty of features that can increase the quality of life for the administrator as well.

A front end page builder was included, along with a live search function. Using the live search, users can jump directly to the topic that is relevant for their issue, bypassing the extensive browsing stage. Organizing the elements of your page and your articles has never been easier, as a drag and drop tool was added. The name is pretty self-explanatory, as you only need to click a selected item, and drag it towards the desired position. It used to be the case that coding knowledge was required for such a process, but that is no longer needed. Using this new feature, users can customize their page in real time, and view the changes immediately. It goes without saying that instant feedback is a quality that any WordPress theme should have.

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Knowledge Base

knowledge base amazing tech suppport theme

Knowledge Base is one of the best Premium WordPress themes, filled with features and available at a very reasonable price. The design of this theme is very intuitive and modern, and it includes 4 color palette options for your website skin. It is mainly used for Knowledge Based pages and Wiki websites. Using this theme, any tech support company can present their customers with a vast knowledge base that will aid them in resolving any issue.

A conventional support system can be a drain on a company’s resources, especially if it is a start-up effort. Of course, it should not be entirely eliminated because some issues cannot be resolved without the aid of a professional. A knowledge base site should be used to complement a traditional support via email system, and lighten the load by targeting the most easily resolvable issues.

This theme will never be a finished product. The developers are constantly struggling to improve their product, as they provide free updates and bug fixes. Currently, the theme is at its 1.3 version, and it now supports the bbPress plugin for forums. This plugin will let you create personal, informative support forums, or start discussions on your web page. Many of your customers will try to log in from their tables or smart phones, and these platforms have traditionally struggled with displaying all websites due to resizing issues.

Thankfully, this particular product can generate fully responsive content which will show up easily on any screen, regardless of its resolution. Even if someone could theoretically develop the best website in the world, that programmer would still be left with the challenge of optimizing it for search engines. Without this optimization, your quality website would be condemned to irrelevance, as it would be buried among thousands of others of its kind. People rarely go past the first 2 pages of their google result’s page, and that is why you need to be featured on them. Thankfully, users of the Knowledge Base theme will never have to worry about that, because the SEO service is amazing.

All of its features are ultimately aimed at convenience, and providing users with the best experience possible. For example, the live search function uses AJAX programming to find forums, articles, topics, pages, FAQs and replies, at the click of a button. Navigating content has never been so easy.

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altera complete knowledge base wordpress theme

Altera is a streamlined, clean, and intuitive WordPress theme. It is mainly designed for FAQ, Helpdesk and Knowledge base websites, and it can be used by anyone as it demands no specialized professional knowledge. It is extremely fast; taking only moments to load, and it is packed with useful features that will make your job much easier. It takes advantage of the Redux Options Panel, and the user is capable of modifying every single area or section of the website. It basically levels the playing field, allowing novices to go against seasoned veteran programmers.

Individuality is a very important trait, especially in an international, worldwide environment where there are thousands of other companies just like your. Thankfully, Altera contains a toolset that will aid any enterprising owner to customize his content, resulting in a page that is truly his. For the undecided customer, or for those that simply wish to sample the content before deciding to purchase, the developers have included a live preview of the theme, along with some screenshots. They can be found on the theme’s website.

There are limitless possible layouts which can be presented. The theme also has 10 custom widgets, 15 widget themed areas, and AJAX thumbnails that are ready for use. A live search function was included, granting customers the ability to bypass a long browsing process, and skip to the specific posts, threads, or content that they wish to find. Altera is translation ready, optimized for all search engines, and it based on the famous Bootstrap 3 framework. Integration of a social sharing function is a key selling point, considering the massive online influence that these networks possess. You can go viral overnight, if you play your cards right.

Even though you may represent a customer support company, you might need support yourself.

Overall this is a solid product that is available for a reasonable price. It is definitely worthy of both your time, and your money.

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base stunning knowledge base wordpress theme

Base is a versatile WordPress theme that leans towards the Knowledgebase site niche. The customization process feels organic and seamless, as the innovative features of this theme have simplified everything so that a child can use this theme. If you are planning on writing help articles, selling some merchandise or just answering frequently asked question, Base can give you the site that you need. As long as you have a huge collection of articles, you will need a theme such as this one.

As far as options go, it has an accessible interface that is compatible with WordPress. Using this options interface, you will take the reins of your theme, as you can personalize everything. The customer can change the logos, the effects, the colors, and even the blog theme options. Basically, if there is an aspect with some relevance, you will be able to modify it. The responsiveness of this theme should also be noted. If installed on your website, every piece of content that it contains will be able to show up on tablet or smart phone screens.

The developers even released 5 distinct plugins that will give users the possibility of expanding their theme. The plugins were created in house, and the lines of code are of the highest of quality. Base was tested for WordPress 4.0 and it passed with flying colors. If you will access the theme panel, you will find that there are 3 distinct preset styles which can be applied. Cross browser support means that your company’s website will work on most popular browsers.

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techdesk new tech support theme

TechDesk is a well-designed WordPress theme that has the potential to improve any FAQ, Wiki, or knowledge based website. The design is streamlined and highly intuitive, and it includes many options for faq post formats, live searching, widget areas, short codes, and so on. Using this theme, your site will be able to relay valuable information to your customers, in an efficient manner that will ultimately provide a more cost effective alternative to more traditional support systems. No more tickets or waiting times, everyone can simply resolve their own issues by using the information that is presented.

Tech desk uses the SMOF Options panel, which includes a multitude of options that can help you manage and alter every aspect of your website. Plethora of options aside, the most valuable asset of this theme, is that it imposes no entry level of skill. Both seasoned programmers and newcomers will be on equal footing, as the theme is easy to navigate, and even easier to customize. It has 5 widget areas, 10 personalized widgets, and 5 post formats: standard, image, gallery, video and audio. The layout possibilities for your home page are limitless, and the theme options are truly expansive. The theme is based on the reliable Bootstrap 3 framework.

It is an intuitive, streamlined and versatile front end framework that focuses on mobile platforms, resulting in easier website development that is compatible with smart phones and tablets. TechDesk is retina ready, a feature that allows for high resolution icons to be displayed on the screens of mobile devices. There are AJAX thumbnails, font awesome icons, and plenty of other add-ons that enhance the look and feel of the page.

A live search function is not that common for WordPress theme, but any respectable knowledgebase site should have it. Why surf through hundreds of articles, when you can simply type in your requested topic and have the engine do all of the work. The theme is reasonably priced, and it will more than pay for itself in the long run. The customer response have been overall positive, as people are impressed by the theme’s quality.

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Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

heroic - Knowledge Base plugin

Building a knowledge base website has lots of benefits for educational sites and companies that are expected to deliver quick and responsive technical support. Heroic Knowledge Base is an awesome plugin to help you make frequently asked questions about your company or services readily available for any site visitors. This powerful plugin is an amazing tool for website owners who are aiming to give immediate answers to the questions of their readers or customers. Heroic Knowledge Base has a demo content that makes installation very easy. This plugin also makes content organization is very easy thanks to its drag & drop category ordering functionality.

This plugin includes a sophisticated yet fool-proof plugin that lets you smoothly configure and change the options with just a few clicks. Its article feedback feature allows your visitors or customers to rate the effectiveness of your content in providing solution to their technical problems. This plugin has a built-in AJAX live search feature that gives your customers the right information at the right time without having to wait for a reply or even pick up the phone and speak to someone. This plugin also allows you to attach downloadable files in your articles. Moreover, this plugin includes three easy to tweak widgets for displaying knowledge base articles, categories and authors in your website. This plugin is developed using the latest coding standards and created to go well with any free and premium themes. This plugin is perfect for giving your customers quick and responsive technical support. Detailed review for Heroic knowledge base plugin is available here.

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