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Fundraising WordPress Themes

fThe World is far from being in a good place, especially in categories like wellness and overall health. Think about countries in Africa or regions in South America where resources aren’t as accessible as everywhere else in the world. Needless to say, only a handful of world’s countries can call themselves modern or developed. And even then, most struggle with political problems and overall population dissatisfaction.

Such events have helped to sprout millions of non-government organizations and nonprofit businesses that specialize in a single thing only, to help others. And what a beautiful cause it is, to lend your time and energy to those who are in need. Starting a fundraising business involves a little back and forth with the government rules and regulations. But because so many people have already applied for their license, the process is becoming increasingly easier for even younger generation people to get involved with charitable businesses.

Charity and fundraising in general are big topics in the WordPress theme community, check these posts for more:

Most importantly, the internet is a wonderful place which is full of kindred souls who are keen to help causes that truly impact the world. The internet has without question helped hundreds of millions of people all across the globe. Major fundraising campaigns have been done not only for individuals, but whole countries. Especially after devastating natural disasters. But there are so many ways to help one another. If it so happens that you are a charitable business and would like to get involved with fundraising, well, we have the perfect themes for you.



The core structure of the Helping Hands theme is the process of collection donations. In other words, if you are the owner of a charity, non-profit organization, or fundraising business, then Helping Hands gives you a helping hand with collecting donations. The design of Helping Hands almost feels like a Kickstarter alternative for projects related to helping other people. As you enter the homepage, the first thing (widget) that pops up is a featured image with a donation overlay. As a result, this theme emphasizes a strong message that’s all about donations and helping.

When you add new causes, for which there are custom post types, you can set the necessary donation amount individually. The theme tracks any new donations, subsequently adjusting the required goal countdown. Furthermore, any causes that you create can be published in a separate Causes page. The Causes section uses mostly a portfolio grid to display latest fundraising projects. When someone wants to donate to a project, their donation is processed through a shopping cart. The same shopping cart that WooCommerce uses for product sales. Payment methods include PayPal and Credit Cards, but you can add additional gateways through external plugins.

Helping Hands includes a separated blog design where you can publish news about your fundraiser projects. Overall, the design of this theme is rock solid, providing a professional solution for fundraising businesses.

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Charixy from ZookaStudio is a charming fundraiser theme with a multitude of design options. This theme is perfect for creating a fundraising platform that includes business components. For example, if you run an independent fundraising company which helps smaller organizations to raise money, you can use Charixy to become a bridge for these organizations to collect extra funds. A small organization might struggle with marketing and general promotion, whereas if you provide services that include those aspects, these organizations can become regular customers.

The Charixy theme comes with autonomous modules for Events and Projects. For instance, creating events is all about getting people interested in a particular project and its cause. In order to attract donators and other interested people, you have to host events to explain the details of the project. And occasionally, you will host events to report on any progress that’s being achieved. Furthermore, the Projects module helps your fundraising platform to organize funds into a single place. Anyone can join a Project to leave a donation. The donations are processed using WooCommerce and the PayPal payment gateway.

As an illustration, whoever clicks the “Donate” button will see a new modal window open. In this modal window, people have to enter their donation amount and their billing address. After that, the “Donate” button lights up and people are taken directly to PayPal. It’s crazy how easy it is to make a donation using this optimized concept.

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Awaken is a stunning WordPress theme for charities, nonprofits, and fundraisers. Besides fundraising, the Awaken theme is frequently used for church websites. In the same way that most WordPress fundraising themes work, the Awaken provides its customers with multiple options for publishing projects, events, and fundraising pages. It isn’t one of those thin WordPress themes with which you can expect people to throw money your way. That is to say that Awaken’s professional design is built for durability and trust. The layout structuring implements business design concepts and great features to instill trust and reputation. Needless to say, adding fundraising pages is only the first step.

After you have added a new fundraiser, you have to think about marketing and promotion. In addition to that, it’s ideal if you can be consistent with project updates. In most cases, whenever a project receives the funding they can start using the money immediately. And as the money is being used, there are bound to be new updates and progress on that specific project. With the Awaken theme, you can publish stories and progress reports without the extra hassle. For instance, whenever you write a new fundraising page you can add project clarification. Specifically, you can explain the overall project plan, what the project tasks you plan to accomplish, and who is going to be the benefactor of the donated contributions.

On the technical side, this theme includes a number of powerful tools. First of all, anyone can create a new campaign from the front-end of the site. Second, you can activate a dashboard of the top supporters to encourage transparency. Furthermore, the donators can track their donation progress as it happens.

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Charity Home


Charity Home is a durable WordPress theme which can be trusted with charity related endeavors. The resourceful and professional catalog of features ensures a stellar presentation of your organization. With plentiful of demo homepages already included in the download package, you can kick back and relax as the Charity Home theme does most of the work for you. Of course, being in charge of design is an important factor. Hence, the Charity Home includes many powerful WordPress plugins which help with design customization. For example, Visual Composer is a highly resourceful WordPress Page Builder plugin. The VC plugin is capable of taking a WordPress Page and turning it into a completely new and fresh design. But, the best part, whatever you do add to your new design, it is based on elements that your chosen theme is using.

At the same time, if you feel happy with how Charity Home looks by default, you can use Theme Options to implement custom changes. To clarify, the Charity Home’s options panel is powered by Redux Customization Framework. With Redux, adding new fonts or customizing colors is easy. One of the things that people love about this theme is how quickly it can be separated from certain features. To illustrate, you can use Charity Home only as a charity documentation theme. Likewise, it’s possible to remove certain features to make this theme only for fundraising purposes.

One of the struggles of building websites that collect money is user trust and payment process. Fortunately, there isn’t much to struggle with when everything is already pre-defined. To put it another way, the Charitable plugin adds multiple campaign types and payment gateways. Whilst WooCommerce optimization is perfect for collecting addition funds from things like merchandise.

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Charity Club


The Charity Club is a fresh theme for charity businesses and fundraiser platforms. The sleek, intuitive, and stylish design excels at eluding your project goals and ambitions. With an intuitive and fast page builder inbuilt into this theme (Visual Composer), you’re one step away from complete customization freedom. Programming takes time to learn and isn’t a skill that’s viable for everyone to learn. Even basic skills like HTML and CSS can be time-consuming to learn because of how diverse they have become. So, it’s obviously helpful if a theme that you purchase doesn’t require prior programming experience.

Charity Club offers multiple demo designs which take absolutely no time at all to import and activate. And once you have, the pre-built design is manageable using Visual Composer. Furthermore, the better part of Charity Club is directly connected to theme customizations panel. Within this panel, it’s possible for you to add new website elements, to change the location of widgets, and experience a new way of website building. Besides, the growth of smartphone accessibility demands that a website works on mobile/desktop devices with equal precision. Fortunately, the mobile design of Charity Club is already optimized for automated adaptation to small, medium and large screen sizes.

On the other hand, a large proportion of fundraisers typically raises funds for organizations and charities outside of the US. To illustrate, most of world’s successful NGO’s function in countries like India, Africa, and South America. As a result, it’s mandatory that people coming to your site from these countries are able to understand your mission. The best solution for translating a WordPress website is to use a direct WPML implementation, which this theme provides out of the box.

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The Charity theme works more like a singular project fundraiser. In addition to great content details and flexibility, this fundraiser theme excels in project details presentation. The yellow color boxes spread throughout the different content give you ways to separate your vision with the donation process. Below the hero introduction of your charity website, there is a donation countdown widget. This widget relies upon the data that you input in the admin dashboard, as to what kind of a sum in total, you are looking to raise. Visitors can click the Donate Now button and effortlessly contribute their donations.

The same content area includes an honorable mention for the latest donators. Furthermore, the Charity theme provides website components with which you can explain how other people can join in and help. Sometimes, it’s not just about the money but also other forms of support. The blog of Charity adds a method of sharing your project progress, including how well the donations are being spent.

Below everything else on this magnificently and intuitively organized homepage, you can add an email newsletter. And below the newsletter, is a three column widgetized footer area. Hosting events is without question the quickest way to raise awareness for your charity cause. As a result, SkatDesign (people who designed this theme) have included a beautiful Events Portfolio page where you can add new events and inform your supports how they can contribute in person.

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The luxurious and spacious design of Greengive is hard to ignore. This theme is based on fundamental needs for fundraisers, non-profits and charity foundations with concise fundraising needs. The OpalWP research team went all out with doing their best to understand the most critical features of fundraising websites. The goal of Greengive is to provide an effortless platform for raising donations, whilst not deteriorating from user’s attention. With Greengive you can display projects, causes, and events in the best way possible!

Using one of the best Page Builders around — which is King Composer — the procedure of customizing Greengive flows in a smooth motion. Nevertheless, the impressive perfection and stellar optimization of design for the Greengive theme hardly requires new ways of thinking. If you were to use the default demo of Greengive, it would be absolutely sufficient enough to run a successful fundraiser website.

When new causes (donation pages) are being added, you can describe the cause with absolute perfection to detail. Moreover, depending on how you process payments and how many events you host, you can enable “offline donations” which people can drop off themselves when they meet anyone from your team in person. The ravishing blog pages (list, grid, masonry) come in sublime shapes with refined typography and dazzling UI elements.

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The ThemeSLR group crafts themes for churches, charity, and political businesses in particular. The Fundraising theme uses a serene and creamy colors which translate into a frictionless design. First, let’s discuss the key features. Even if you are one hundred percent satisfied with how this theme looks in the preview, eventually things might need to change. And how do you implement change without spending any extra on your theme? Certainly hiring a web design agency to build your own design is an option, but that option is a thousand times more costly than buying a standalone template. As a result, WordPress themes (premium in particular) harmonize the process of styling through external plugins.

One such plugin is known as Visual Composer. This miraculous page builder can turn you into a well-qualified design overnight, and it’s no joke! The sharp accuracy of VComposer gives you the green light to go crazy with design techniques. Moreover, the Fundraising theme is composed of a compelling Theme Panel for swift access towards routine website options. Check out this following list of other features:

  • Rading mobile design which functions faultlessly across unique screen sizes.
  • Organic functionality for Search Engine Optimization and popular WP caching plugins to ensure highest performance standards.
  • An exclusive Video Slider for placement in posts, pages, and homepage using shortcodes.
  • Donations Plugin with which you can collect donations for your fundraiser projects.
  • Unrivaled custom service support team at your disposal every hour of the day.

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The Volunteer is a charity and fundraising theme which includes several advanced options for the fundraising niche. First and foremost, this theme uses a global responsive layout which is optimized for Apple devices with Retina display. Second, adding new content layers or modifying existing ones is a breeze because of native Visual Composer support. Furthermore, you can add amazing and stylish sliders to your homepage or other pages using Revolution Slider. While both of these plugins are premium, they have been thrown into this theme for free.

Since you are looking for a fundraiser theme, you will want to have tools to actually collect donations for separate causes. You will be able to get that done using the Charitable plugin. This donation campaign plugin is so easy to use and so simple to setup for new campaigns. And because of WooCommerce integration, you can collect donations right from your own platform.

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Charity Hub


The GoodLayers team rarely disappoints with their creative thinking and unique ways of designing WP themes. The Charity Hub is a carefully tailored theme for businesses related to charity, nonprofit, and general fundraising. The crystal clear design emphasizes your causes above all else, making sure that visitors to your fundraiser website can notice the most important causes you are trying to support. The custom post type for ’causes’ lets you publish new donation pages with absolutely no effort requirement on your side.

The automated system for collecting donations uses a PayPal back-end API. With this API you can get funds straight to your PayPal account without having to go through a middleman so to speak. And if you like the way that the original demo page is built of this theme, you can import a demo file to have your site look exactly the same way.

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The Pray WordPress theme is an excellent example of how far the WordPress design capabilities have come. This incredible theme is suitable for charity organizations, nonprofit causes, and fundraising companies. The best part about this theme is that it simply works out of the box. Just activate it on your site and most of the design tasks are already done on your behalf. The first thing you will probably want to do is to start adding new causes for which people can donate. This process of adding new donation pages (causes) is done through a custom post type, similarly to what other themes are using for this purpose.

Furthermore, you can highlight any upcoming charity events with a custom Events page type. But, you can also include upcoming events countdowns on your homepage. This helps you to attract an actual physical audience to an important event in which you wish to raise funds for your specific cause. And if volunteering is part of your agenda, why not take advantage of the custom “Volunteer Program” plugin. With this plugin, people can signup to become volunteers for any active programs you have going on at the time.

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Giving Hand


The complexity of Giving Hand makes this theme a solid selection for experienced charity and fundraising businesses. With a distinct header which features logo/contact/social details, you can quickly inform your audience of your presence in the industry. The Giving Hand theme includes widgets like “urgent causes”. These urgent causes are separate components with which you can display a specific cause which needs immediate help from anyone who is willing to donate. But, besides this, this theme comes equipped with features, tools, and widget which enable for your company to outline crucial business information. If you run a strictly projects based fundraising company, you can use the Giving Hand theme to create project pages. As a result, your donators can keep track of how their money is progressing in real life, and real life situations.

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The Charity theme from Theemon works in two ways. The first, you can use Charity for a fundraiser which collects money for multiple causes. Whereas the second option is to use the Charity theme to host a website for a single cause only. As the theme owners have said it themselves, more than 600+ customers can’t be wrong about the usability of this great fundraising theme. The responsive and flexible design is made possible by the Bootstrap framework. As a result, the design feels familiar whilst retaining a precise and unique design quality. The owners of Charity can choose from boxed or full-width layouts for homepage, posts, and pages. Collecting donations can be done either with WooCommerce (already predesigned) or using a plugin called EasyPay. Both are included in the theme download files and will be appropriate for different situations.

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The Graceland theme is a native drag and drop WordPress theme with the intent to be used for sites that operate within the industries of churches, charities, and fundraisers. The integration of Live Composer plugin makes it possible for Graceland theme owners to modify their design from the front-end of the site. This is a unique feature which can’t be matched even by the best page builders on the market. Furthermore, once you start setting up fundraiser pages you will want to collect payments. Typically, fundraising themes use a back-end like WooCommerece to collect donations.

The difference from others themes is that Graceland uses its own PayPal donation system. It’s a custom built system which only requires you to put in your PayPal address and you’re good to go. Amongst more technical features and tools you can enjoy an Instagram widget, beautiful CSS3 animations for separate components of your homepage, and comprehensive tools for managing colors and typography.

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RedExp developers have come out with a very special WordPress theme. It’s called Giving and is appropriate for websites related to charity, fundraising, and even non-profit organizations. Whether it’s a cause you’re trying to promote or collect donations on behalf of others. The Giving theme has not only the required design for it but also a palette of stunning features. Needless to say that launching your charity website takes only a handful of minutes. You might be wondering, how is it possible? Well, the Giving theme includes what we call “one click demo import”. This importing option lets you recreate a website just like you see in the demo of the theme.

As you know, search engine optimization is a pivotal part of online success. As a result, this brilliant fundraising theme is already SEO optimized for a large part of your website. Search engines will find it much easier to index and publish your content, opposed to using themes without these features. Most of all, the Giving theme uses separate components which you can move around, remove, or combine for some truly special design visuals.

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The Elevation template from Jewel Theme is most definitely an absolute joy to explore. There’s such an expansive list of features and tools which are included in this theme. Most noteworthy has to be the powerful administrator panel. A simple yet intuitive dashboard from which you can control your website’s design. Furthermore, adding trending and modern elements is easy because Elevation supports Visual Composer. When you combine VComposer with additional extension plugins, the final result is nothing short of spectacular. With this theme, you can switch from a One-Page design to a truly modern Multi-Page layout.

All donations to your causes can be processed through PayPal, for which there is integrated native support. Elevation theme is crated with Bootstrap 3, which naturally supports modern HTML5 and CSS3 codebase. The code is verified to be W3C compliant, making it easier for search robots to index and understand. As for responsive design, you don’t need to do anything but simply enable this theme. Everything from tablet to mobile design is automatically adjusted as the theme interprets the particular device.

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Lifeline 2


Lifeline 2 is a superb WordPress theme for fundraising organizations from highly acclaimed Webinane designers team. Amongst the most distinct recognitions has to be the fact that over 1,500 non-profits use the Lifeline theme already. Needless to say, with an arsenal of features and tools that Lifeline provides, it’s not a surprise whatsoever. As a bestselling WordPress theme, you can tap into an ecosystem of tools designed specifically for charity/fundraising websites.

The high-quality page builder makes it that even the least skilled beginners can have a go at website design. And with a completely optimized donations system, beginning to collect funds takes a few minutes of configuration. Furthermore, if your organization’s business plan involves volunteer programs, you can take advantage of the inbuilt volunteering management system. Encourage people to come and work at your organization for some good karma!

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Meet InCharity, a highly refined WordPress theme which is popular amongst charities, non-profits and fundraising companies. With its professional and encouraging design, this theme brings a breath of fresh air into a quickly evolving market. The biggest upside of InCharity has to be its universal support for donation websites needs. Needs like a campaign management system where you can publish new causes and donation pages. Your visitors can jump onto the support train and begin donating using PayPal. The massive collection of shortcodes can give you a professional edge over unique content development.

Other charity related features are WooCommerce support, volunteer forms, and applications, as well as a MailChimp widget that you can add anywhere. Reflecting back on the demo homepage, we have to give credit to the developers for making each page/section feel special in its own way. For example, featured campaigns feel visually appealing with the inclusion of background images. When you start to share real life images from the places that you operate in, that’s when your visitors can grasp the level of work that you’re providing.

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Good Cause


The simpleness of Good Cause echoes in two different ways. The first of which is a singular design without any additional clutter. It focuses on the object of this theme eloquently, providing a seamless user experience for your visitors. And the second aspect is that Good Cause is only intended for “single event” type of websites. Basically, if you are running a promotional fundraiser for one specific cause, you can use this theme rather than use full-fledged platforms. Having said that, this theme flows smoothly from the header to the footer. A sticky navigation menu ties together any left out components from the homepage. While the light color scheme of rows does a brilliant job at outlining your fundraising mission. The process of donating/signing up is done solely through the popular eCommerce plugin, which is WooCommerce.

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Umeed will appeal to a large audience base because of its diverse selection of demo layouts. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the more versatile fundraiser’s themes out on the market. For example, you can kickstart your charity project in nearly any charity sector imaginable. Some good examples are layouts for donations, charities, churches, general help, and even crowdfunding platforms. Furthermore, with a diverse selection of custom styles, each of these demo layouts can be transformed with new and exciting personality.

As for external plugin support, the Umeed theme pushes over the barriers to support as many popular plugins as possible. For example, by default, this theme supports contact form 7, MailChimp, PayPal donations, and even stripe donations. Isn’t it wonderful when all the hard work is already done on behalf of you, allowing you to focus on the important part of raising the funds.

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As soon as we preview the Anima theme we get a focused sense of professionalism. The kind of professionalism that shows direct experience in the WP theme development field. As a charity theme, this bad boy is suitable for animal shelters, pet rescue organizations, and general fundraising businesses. You can’t overlook the work that has gone into the process of designing Anima to be absolutely mesmerizing.

In addition to brilliant design, everything is pluggable with VComposer, so get ready to unleash your creative ideas with a simple page builder. The intuitive integration of famous plugins makes it easier for you to make the Anima workflow easy and pleasant. Most of all, Anima uses Bootstrap as its front-end framework, which is further optimized for best SEO results.

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GoRising from Pebas is a fastly growing non-profit theme which is used amongst charities and fundraiser organizations. As a responsive mobile theme, it resizes the container size to fit both smartphones and smart tablets. Furthermore, the ability to choose from multi-column layouts enables a truly free designing environment. For example, blogs, causes, events, and galleries can be shown in both 1 column or up to 4 column styles.

As far as custom post types are concerned, the GoRising includes pages for Events, Clients, Donations, and even Galleries! There isn’t any better way to promote a project progress than by uploading a gallery of any progress you’ve made. The PayPal Donation System is undemanding of technical knowledge and once you put it your own address you can start collecting those funds.

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The Needs


The Needs is a WordPress charity and non-profit theme with specific tools for collecting donations. You can launch new campaigns based on your causes, and allow your visitors to leave a donation if they feel inclined. Furthermore, you can encourage visitors and earn their trust by posting detailed reports of progress. These reports can be shown on your homepage, but also on any other separate page. The custom events widget has not only a countdown timer but its own assigned post type. Now your donors can visit you in person, and who knows, maybe even become an ambassador.

Since charity/nonprofit organizations tend to rely on external sponsors, it can be helpful to have a way for you to highlight your sponsors in one place. The Needs theme accomplishes this by giving you a separate “sponsors” widget where you can place banners and links to their homepages.

More info / Download Demo

Charity Pro


The brownish and creamy colors of Charity Pro work together better than you might think. It’s rare to see unique color schemes succeed in the eyes of modern readers. But, sometimes an exception can be made. Especially when you know that designers of this theme have done prior research on charity websites. The DesignArc developers are giving back to the community a wonderful WordPress theme with a focus on charity and fundraising. As a result of this focus, you get access to all the required features of this particular niche. You can add new projects, highlight causes, post blog posts, and make separate donation pages. Heck, you can even promote testimonials from people who have been on the field together with you.

The exceptional design of multiple homepages brings a refreshing solution to having choices, rather than having to create choices yourself. Which we might add is absolutely possible with this theme, because at the core of its back-end you have Visual Composer doing all the hard work. Most importantly, a well-documented documentation is all you need to understand the ins and outs of Charity Pro.

More info / Download Demo



Future Themes is a growing agency of WordPress designers, but it’s already evident that their success is accomplished. Without having to immerse yourself overly deep into the demo layout, the Humanitas theme feels fresh and as clean as they come. Largely utilized by charities and nonprofit organizations, this blinding template consists of universal customization capabilities. The inclusion of Total Donation plugin removes the necessity to rely on third party platforms for payment management. The powerful plugin provides not only tools for collecting payments, but also for tracking your overall business growth. Best of all, you can use Humanitas in any country or region that you operate within. With already provided files for translation, changing your website language is painless and easy.

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The Mymoun themes have never failed to disappoint their customers. Well, there are always exceptions for the extra needy. We definitely understand that, but any theme seller with 5,500+ customers is bound to get some respect. And we have to give credit where it’s due for a theme as dazzling as the Nonprofit. The name itself gives away the main focus of what Nonprofit theme is trying to accomplish. It’s also a rarity that WordPress themes used the Zurb Framework, opposed to Bootstrap. And you can clearly notice the different between those two front-end frameworks. The semantics of Zurb are much more distinct, with professional typography, and rich container alignment. Containers that resize themselves whenever a device smaller than a certain width accesses your website. Which makes Nonprofit a fully responsive theme.

More info / Download Demo

Save Life


The Save Life theme brings some unique twists to this fundraising market. While it accomplishes the vision of being a theme with which you can collect donations. At the core of its functionality, it strives to be a theme for communities. This is best displayed through the extensive listing of blog posts and pages on the actual main homepage. Of course, Save Life provides you with tools to collect donations, but the community aspect is very distinct. As a result, if you are a nonprofit organization that likes to explore people’s stories and lives. Well, then you are unlikely to find a more suitable theme for your needs. Besides, with multiple nifty features to customize the design, you can never run out of ideas or ways to spice things up.

Save Life is compatible with Revolution Slider, Visual Composer, Essential Grid, Booked Appointments, WPML, Contact Form 7, and so much more trending WordPress plugins. When it comes to eCommerce, the Save Life theme makes way not only for donations but also merchandise. A nonprofit still has to find ways to make money. And when the final earnings go towards good causes, there’s absolutely no reason why people wouldn’t chip in to purchase a t-shirt or a coffee mug. And with Save Life, you can do exactly that, market merchandise directly from your community charity website.

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It’s interesting just how much WordPress has morphed into a solid CMS solution. Who would’ve thought that one day it will be possible to create unrecognizable websites? The FundingPress is probably the best example of how a WordPress blog can go in stealth mode. This stellar crowdfunding theme is for anything related to collecting funds for projects and/or events. Because it isn’t limited to any specific category, the design of FundingPress maintains a universal feel.

In the feature’s basket, you have things like multiple payment gateways. Rather than accepting only PayPal payments, you can also throw in WePay and Stripe. Furthermore, your visitors can create an account through their social media accounts for an even faster donation process. All forms are rewritten to be usable in the front-end, so your users don’t have to jump back and forth from their profile page.

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Unity much the same like FundingPress is a general funds crowdsourcing theme. Unlike your typical premium theme, the Opal WP guys have managed to make Unity super unique with rarely seen plugins. The use of WPO (their household framework) and Bootstrap allow for some truly magical design structuring. On top of that, payments are managed through Easy Digital Downloads and a plugin called Crowdfunding. Both plugins work in tandem with one another, enabling for an easy way to collect money from visitors and sponsors.

The best part of Unity has to be the powerful admin area, from which you can navigate and control your site. The “Better World” demo uses a boxed layout with individual grid components that look pleasing to the reader’s eyes.

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The Backer is a community-based crowdfunding theme where people can back projects, or host their own donation project. It definitely resembles the features of Kickstarter, but as a WordPress theme is often used specifically for fundraiser websites. Furthermore, the market is open towards websites which can enable users to promote their favorite causes themselves.

You or your users can explore the detailed project pages and gain a deeper understanding of the project they would like to support. With separates tabs for project descriptions, updates, and frequently asked questions, you can always ensure that people understand what they are contributing towards. Most of all, Backer keeps thing simple with a classical WP design, intended for fundraisers in particular.

More info / Download Demo

Born To Give


Born to Give is a premium WordPress design for charities, crowdfunding platforms, and nonprofits. As a universal theme, it solves the problem of raising funds for any kind of a charitable project. This brilliant yet staggering theme comes with a built-in events management plugin. Not only you can create events and allow people to register, but you can host paid events and have people book tickets on your website. Furthermore, the platform allows for user management and events calendar display.

This fundraising theme utilizes the many tools of WP Charitable plugin. A superior plugin for adding new campaigns and managing incoming donations. Furthermore, with WP Charitable you can extend your donation payment gateways using third party extensions.

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Kulebe excels in the crowdfunding space as a true multipurpose theme for nonprofits. You would assume that a homepage of this caliber wouldn’t be capable of supporting Visual Composer. But, as it happens, Kulebe specifically encourage customers to make the most of the VComposer for custom page building. Besides, when you can install a design with 1-click, why not give it a shot? Kulebe’s clean codebase provides a layer of performance improvements, whilst allowing developers to further enhance the possibilities.

An impressive header intro ways your visitors who can then learn in-depth about your organization’s vision. Font Awesome means that you can add an unlimited number of font icons to your content, your content rows, and your business details lists. Likewise, with tools like Google Fonts and Google Maps, you can ensure the best visual experience for readers of all preference.

More info / Download Demo



Lastly, we are mentioning Resala. A translation-ready premium theme for charity and crowdfunding organizations. You have the choice to pick not from 1 homepage, but 6 fully responsive homepages. Each homepage comes with its own character and personality but retains the intent of focusing on causes and general charity projects. The same concept applies to headers, footers, and blog designs. Each page/section has multiple style choices which can be enabled through the admin panel. Depending on the approach you take with your fundraising website, you can utilize features like “team highlight” and “best causes” to establish a more meaningful relationship with your supporters.

More info / Download Demo


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